One Day Relationship Retreat
with Ned & Lisa Burwell


Saturday March 16th 10am - 4pm
Investment $60 plus HST - Couples $100 plus HST

Have you wondered how to improve your personal connection with yourself and others? In this interactive one-day retreat, Ned and Lisa will define different types of relationships and why they are important. You will learn the dynamics that shape relationships and most importantly, you will learn a great deal about yourself. Ned and Lisa will share with you some practical approaches to personal growth, including topics such as: the mind, emotions and self care/love. They will shed light on how fears, gender roles and holding past traumas effect the quality of your connection to others. This retreat is designed explore the true meaning of intimacy and how to deepen your experience with it. Good relationships are created and built on love, respect and communication and this retreat offers you the tools and insights on how to build these traits into your relationship. This retreat is suited to both singles and couples or those looking to attract better relationships in their life. A light lunch and beverages will be provided. Please bring a notebook & pen.

Relationship Retreat

An Exploration of the Silence
with Ned Burwell
6 Week course Mondays 5-6pm, starting February 25th
Investment: $100+hst

Experience five different styles of meditation over the period of six weeks with Ned Burwell. At the start of each session, Ned will give a fifteen-minute talk to open a space of love and compassion, followed by a forty-five min meditation. Each week he will introduce a different style of meditation for you to experience. This class is for beginners and experienced meditators.
Week One: The first week Ned will carry you into the silence with his healing drum meditation.
Week Two: Guided meditation
Week Three: Mantra meditation
Week Four: Journey of sound meditation
Week Five: Open eyed meditation
Week Six: Healing drum meditation.

Yoga Nidra for Deep Relaxation &Trauma Release
with Lalitadevi


Saturday February 23rd, March 2nd and 9th 9-10am
Investment 54+hst for all three or $20+hst for individual session

In this class Lalita will lead you through a comprehensive movement and yoga practice to open the whole body. This will be preparation for a long session of Yoga Nidra, a deep meditation technique designed to melt away tensions at every layer in the being. It brings a lightening in the mind, through the emotions, the physical body and helps create a good inner environment to become more in tune with ourselves and everyhing around us, from the most dense aspects to the most subtle aspects. This class is ideal for those wanting to learn to manage and reduce stress in life and release deep seeded tensions which are stored in the subconscious mind. This is a truly life enhancing practice.

Yoga Nidra 1 Hour

Private Vedic Astrology
and Palmistry Readings
with John Fyfe


Friday February 22nd by appointment (appointments 10-5pm)
Investment: $125+hst - individual (1 hour), $180+hst - 2 people(1.5 hours).

Not only is the information that John Fyfe offers during his astrology readings accurate, it comes with the feeling of hope, of possibility and it infuses a feeling of excitement for life. Often with this type of work, the messages that are delivered are those of doom and gloom, with John it's never this way. He is honest, he is realistic but in the end you leave feeling a sense of renewed hope. I have experienced this for myself and I have heard it from countless numbers of people who have seen him. This man is blessed in his work and all those who get the opportunity to work with her are also blessed.
Please contact Lalitadevi to book.

One Hour Numerical Energy Activiation
with John Fyfe
Friday February 22nd 7-8
Investment: $25+hst

Numerical Activations are powerful in resetting parts of our DNA to it's most powerful and resonant state. These activations help to shed old debree of negative patterns that we hold due to past experiences and imprints. They are like a springboard for change. The shift happens and then it's up to us to continue to connect the that energy and to make choiced to connect to our most vibrant and best self instead of moving back into old patterns.

Unravelling your Life Purpose:
Astrology, Palmistry and Cards

with John Fyfe
Saturday March 2nd 10:30-1:30pm
Investment $63+hst

Learn to do your own in-depth destiny reading with deep Astrological Insights, Palmistry and Card readings. John will offer expert guidance and share with you tips to unveilling insights about Destiny through connecting to your intuitive and practical mind.

Message Circle
with Medium Kerrilynn Shellhorn


March 13th 6:30-8:30pm SOLD OUT
May 8th 6:30-8:30pm - Register Now
Investment $54+hst

In a very safe, friendly and protected environment, experienced and highly esteemed psychic medium Kerrilynn Shellhorn will channel information, guidance, psychic impressions and messages from the other side. The messages we receive from our loved ones is support to fulfill our highest potential and healing here on Earth. Not only does our healing raise us to our highest potential it also heals any unfinished lessons for our family and raises their vibration in the Spirit realms.Our family in Spirit want us to be joyful, abundant and have an invested interest in seeing future generations thrive. It is up to us to recognize the lessons in each moment and set things on a healing path so we can elevate the vibration level of ourselves and their spirits. The Message Circles are also an excellent opportunity for you to develop your psychic abilities as well. If you have ever had a psychic experience, you will find that this is a great environment in which to increase your skills and as well. This is a learning experience. intuitive tips and tools are shared for the healing and growth for those in attendance.

Theta Healing™ Basic DNA Course
3-Day Intensive Practitioner's Certification
with Krista Hurley


Friday March 29th to Sunday March 31st - 10am - 4pm
Investment $575 plus HST
This incredible class will introduce you to the core Theta Healing techniques and will help you to utilize and integrate these techniques into your daily life.
During this class you will learn how to:
Use a Theta visualization to connect to Source
and learn how to easily access a Theta state.
Witness physical healing and facilitate group healings.
Change limiting beliefs held on the Core, History, Soul, and Genetic Levels.
Learn how to "dig" to determine key bottom beliefs.
Instill positive feelings using "feeling downloads".
Manifest all that you desire and much more!

This class is an incredibly interactive class which allows you to practice and improve your healing techniques. There are no pre-requisites for this course.

Krista Hurley is an intuitive Theta Healing, Reconnective Healing, Access Bars, Crystal Viewing, EFT practitioner and Educator whose goal is to facilitate healing and transformational changes in the lives of her clients. She specializes in identifying the "root causes" of her clients' ailments and their struggles to restore balance and to support healing in the body. Krista facilitates with the healing of negative past experiences and in clearing connected limiting beliefs. She assists her students and clients with stepping into a truthful existence and creating lives filled with love, abundance and joy. More information about Krista

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