Belly Dancing
2 Sessions, 2 different dances!

Shannon Vanderworp

Febraury 3rd 2-4pm & February 28th 6-8pm
Register for 1 session for $25 hst and both sessions for $40+hst.
Interested in trying something new and fun? Join Shannon in learning some basic bellydance moves and progress towards dancing a short choreography. Shannon has been bellydancing since 2004. She has performed in a few different troupes throughout the years and has taken many workshops, trying many different styles of bellydance through her journey. No previous dance experience necessary and is suitable for all women of any age, size or shape.
“Hope to shimmy with you soon~ Shannon”

Belly Dancing Feb 2018
Yoga Nidra for Deep Relaxation

In this class Lalita will lead you through a comprehensive movement and yoga practice to open the whole body. This will be preparation for a long session of Yoga Nidra, a deep meditation technique designed to melt away tensions at every layer in the being. It brings a lightening in the mind, through the emotions, the physical body and helps create a good inner environment to become more in tune with ourselves and everyhing around us, from the most dense aspects to the most subtle aspects. This class is ideal for those wanting to learn to manage and reduce stress in life. You will receive the recording of the channelled Yoga Nidra on USB thumb drive at the end of the class.

Message Circle
with Medium
Kerrilynn Shellhorn

Wednesday March 21st 6-9pm, $45+hst
In a very safe, friendly and protected environment, experienced and highly esteemed psychic medium Kerrilynn Shellhorn will channel information, guidance, psychic impressions and messages from the other side. The messages we receive from our loved ones is support to fulfill our highest potential and healing here on Earth. Not only does our healing raise us to our highest potential it also heals any unfinished lessons for our family and raises their vibration in the Spirit realms.Our family in Spirit want us to be joyful, abundant and have an invested interest in seeing future generations thrive. It is up to us to recognize the lessons in each moment and set things on a healing path so we can elevate the vibration level of ourselves and their spirits. The Message Circles are also an excellent opportunity for you to develop your psychic abilities as well. If you have ever had a psychic experience, you will find that this is a great environment in which to increase your skills and as well. This is a learning experience. intuitive tips and tools are shared for the healing and growth for those in attendance.

Holistic DNA Link
Dr. Fadel Behman

Saturday April 28 10-4 and Sunday April 29 10-4
$150 per day or $250 for the weekend, lunch included

Holistic DNA Link to Personal Transformation
Deepening your understanding and connection

"There are components of our DNA and attributes that are simply unseeable in 3D. What is missing at this moment is an instrument that would measure an interdimensional field around the chemical DNA. There are attributes within DNA that are interdimensional spiritual attributes that are quantum. The actual majority of the chemistry that you can see in the Human Genome is in a quantum state. Although science cannot measure a quantum state at this time, nor the field around it, there is evidence of it within the puzzle of the Human Genome. DNA as an entity, not only as a chemical double helix made up of 100 trillion loops all work together as one energy to be called "your personal DNA." This group is unique because of the quantumness of DNA, it can contain a huge part of your spirituality. Not only does DNA contain the record of all that you have been on the planet, but your relationship to Gaia as well. It contains all that you have ever done and the spirituality of what you've learned in every lifetime. This information is literally imprinted within it. When the Human Genome Project was finished, all the chemicals in the double helix had been identified. In that very, very small double helix, three billion chemical parts were then known and identified. It is so small that this DNA molecule must be seen via an electron microscope. They were looking, indeed, for that which created more than 23,000 Human genes. So they looked for the coding, the linear protein coding, so that they could understand how these things worked. But the shock came when less than five percent of the DNA created genes. The 95 percent of DNA that is seemingly random may not be a language or code at all. Instead, it may be what they would call "influential chemistry" that somehow modifies or configures the five percent that is the engine of the genetic blueprint. The 95 percent of DNA is a reflection of your spirituality. The Akashic Record, the Higher-Self, that which you seek that you call "a portal to the other side," is there in a quantum state. Think of those chemicals as a bridge between 3D and the quantum spiritual subtle influencer of the genome, containing most of the information in the human blueprint of life. That bridge is the key to personal transformation."
Dr. Behman will also offer Cranio-Sacral Healing sessions on Friday April 27th. Contact us to book your session.

Holistic DNA Link

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