Kansa Wand Self Care
DIY Facial Treatment

Beth Mackiernan of BeSpa

Friday August 24th, $81 plus hst includes a Kansa Wand and Massage Oil

Kansa Wand massage uses massage to stimulate various marma points or vital energy points and initiate the healing process. On the face there are numerous energy channels which anatomically, are important junctions of nerves, veins, arteries, and ligaments. You will learn to do a simple informed DIY Kansa Self Massage Facial. You will also learn what gives kansa its healing properties, graying effect and contraindications, as well as, care and maintenance for your kansa wand. The workshop includes a Kansa Wand and Massage Oil.

Private Astrology Sessions
John Fyfe

Friday August 24th, 1 Hour sessions $108+hst
Not only is the information that John Fyfe offers during his astrology readings accurate, it comes with the feeling of hope, of possibility and it infuses a feeling of excitement for life. Often with this type of work, the messages that are delivered are those of doom and gloom, with John it's never this way. He is honest, he is realistic but in the end you leave feeling a sense of renewed hope. I have experienced this for myself and I have heard it from countless numbers of people who have seen him. This man is blessed in his work and all those who get the opportunity to work with her are also blessed.

Astrology Appointments
Open Message Circle
with Medium
Kerrilynn Shellhorn

Wednesday Sept 12th 6-8.30pm, $63+hst
In a very safe protected environment, in this message circle participants will be encouraged to share information they are picking up with the loving support of highly experienced esteemed medium Kerrilynn Shellhorn and the other participants. This is a a great opportunity to expand your gifts and validate your connections with the support and guidance from an excellent heart-centred and very generous medium. Kerrilynn Shellhorn will be channelling information, guidance, psychic impressions and messages from the other side. What is different this time is that she will actively encourage participation. The information we pick up on is sometimes the same, but often very different. This is because we all vibrate at different frequencies and we have our own unique energetic blueprint. With each message we give, we are also learning and shifting ourselves. This opens up the possibility for us to do this work for ourselves and to have confidence in the information we are receiving for ourselves so we can be empowered in our own intuitive guidance and heal what we need to heal every single day.This is a growth and empowerment opportunity that you will not want to miss!

Readings with Kerrilynn Shellhorn
at Little Mango Tree in Woodstock!

Kerrilynn Shellhorn, exceptionally accurate and deeply sincere medium from Guelph Ontario will also be offering personal readings on Sept 12th in the afternoon from 2-5pm. Limited spaces available. Contacting Lalita at Little Mango Tree to Book your session!

Bhakti Night: Sing, play, mantras,
clear your energy and mind

Saturday October 13th

7-8:30pm KIRTAN - OPEN to EVERYONE by donation

Join Lalitadevi and friends for an evening that will leave you feeling uplifted and re-energized! Be in a space of acceptance and free flowing creative energy in sound healing. You will experience different Sanskrit chants in a relaxed free flowing natural and open environment.

Introduction to Tarot
Dixe Maiden

Friday Oct 19th 7-9pm, $45+hst
Tarot cards are a powerful divination tool for gaining clarity on the daily situations of life and the direction and workings of the path of ones soul in this lifetime. Tarot readings can provide a deeper understanding of what is happening and clearer vision of what steps can be taken to prepare and ride the waves of energy of what is to come. They are invaluable in the process of intuitive developement and become a unique art for each individual who reads them.
In this workshop you will learn:
A brieft history of tarot cards
How to percieve the magic of the Major Arcana
The simplicity of the four suits Basic tarot spreads
Connections in the cards
How to prepare to begin reading
A simple process to quickly learn the meanings of each card

There will be time to practice short readings for each other at the workshop.
Please bring your own cards and reading cloth. If you do not have cards, please come early to look at decks that will be available for purchase at the workshop.

Managing the Mind - The Journey of becoming Psychologically Mature through the ancient practices of Yoga
A Weekend with Wandering Yogi
Swami Maheshananda Saraswati


Friday November 2, 6:30-8pm Evening Talk, $25 + hst

Introduction to the States of Consciousness: Managing the Mind and becoming Psychologically Mature through the ancient practices of Yoga.

November 3, 10-4pm $150 + hst (Inclcudes Vegetarian Lunch and Friday night talk)
An In-Depth discussion of the States of Consciousness, experiencing the different states through guided meditation from an adept yogi, and opportunities to ask questions, share experiences and grow.
Sunday November 4th ALL DAY $108 plus +hst for 1 hour sessions
Private Sessions in Yoga or Astrology.Contact Lalitadevi

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