Classical Hatha Yoga
with Lalita
All Levels and Advanced 8 week session
Starts November 27th

Noon Hour

Monday 10-11:30am(Adv)
Thursday 10-11:30am(All)
Friday 7-8:30am(All)

Wednesdays 12-1pm
Mindfulness, Meditation
and Yoga
Monday 6:00-7:30pm(All)
Thursday 6:30-8pm(Adv)

$108 +hst for 1.5 hour classes
$80 +hst for 1 hour classes (Wednesdays)
Register for 2 classes with Lalita and get the 2nd half price (1st class must be 1.5hr)

Classical yoga classes with Lalita include all the richness of Classical Hatha Yoga: Asana (postures) pranayama (tools for breath development and awaking energy potential), mudras (gestures to invite a specific quality of energy) and bandhas (energy locks to open up specific areas to allow for greater flow of energy). Lalitadevi skillfully guides the class in opening up energy blockages and promoting greater energy flow through the body with these practices. Once the energy is opened, meditation and relaxation practices are also guided with the intention to facilitate a greater connection to Self and Source. These classes are also designed to improve flexibility, strength and enhance your mental power and concentration.
*Note that the studio is closed from December 22-January 5th*

Classical Hatha Yoga

Fundamentals of Classical Yoga
with Lalita
6 week beginners
Starts January 20th, 2018

Saturday Mornings 9-10:30am
- $108 +hst
This is a fabulous 6 week session for those who are just starting out with yoga and wish to learn the fundamentals in order to build a strong foundation. Lalita skillfully guides the class in learning Asanas to open up energy blockages, improve energy flow and flexibility and increase strength and energy. You will learn tools using the breath, called pranayama, which are practiced to directly impact the the energy flow causing specific desired effects of concentration or balancing to name a few. You will also be introduced to the subtle and profound practice of mudras and bandhas: Gestures to change the inner mental and emotional environment and locks to open up enhance energy flow. This is a great class for anyone wishing to connect to the full possibilities of what Classical Yoga has to offer in order to live a happier, healthier more connected life. It will give you everything you need to start a home practice with confidence!

Acro Yoga - Friday night Flight
with Erin, Patrick and Amanda
4 weeks of Workshops 4 different themes TBA
November 24th, December 1st, 8th and 15th

Friday Evenings 7-9pm - $25+hst, register for all 4 workshops $81+hst
Expand your practice, smile & heart with AcroYoga. Blending the wisdom of yoga dynamic power of acrobatics and the loving kindness of the healing arts. Develope strength & balance while building trust, connection, & the confidence to fly. No previous experience in yoga or partner necessary.

Acro Workshops

Kundalini Yoga
with Hari Dayal - Christine Mathias
8 week session
Starts November 28th

Tuesday Mornings 9.30-11am
- $108 +hst
Increase vitality and release stress. Classes vary in theme from week to week; from uplifting depression and cleansing the liver to balancing the the brain hemispheres and strengthening the nervous system! Group classes are 90 minutes of fun and high energy – exercising your body, clearing your mind, soothing your emotions and connecting deeply with the Spirit within.
*Note that the studio is closed from December 22-January 5th*

ASL Level 1
with David Wiesblatt
10 week session
Starts November 28th

Tuesday Evenings 7-9pm
- $150
Learn the basics of American Sign Language with David Wiesblatt of Skyhands
Register at Skyhands:

*Note that the studio is closed from December 22-January 5th*

Holistic Fitness
with Theresa Corman
8 week session
Starts November 29th

Wednesday Mornings 10-11am
- $80 +hst
Join Theresa for exercise classes which include cardio, strength training, balance, stretch and relaxation with the use of weights and mats. Each class brings together the mind, body and spirit connection while strengthening muscles, building bones, improving balance and are suitable for all fitness levels. Please bring your own weights and mats.
*Note that the studio is closed from December 22-January 5th*

Ballroom Dance - All Levels
with Kim Green
8 week session
Starts Novemver 29th

Wednesday Evenings 8-9pm
- $180 per couple+hst
Learn the basics of Ballroom dancing including Rumba, Waltz, Foxtrot, Swing, Cha Cha and Salsa with Kim Green, dance teacher with 25 years + experience. In her experience, everyone can learn to dance while having heaps of fun!
*Note that the studio is closed from December 22-January 5th*

Private Consultations
with Lalita

Holistic Cranio-Sacral Therapy
Treating and balancing the whole person getting to the root cause or causes of what may be creating an imbalance. Lalitdevi offers guidance on how to move forward in a positive way, how to manage and maintain your energy, and to live from a place of understanding and truth. Contact Lalita to book your appointment.


Yogic Saltwater Cleanse

Learn 3 important cleansing techniques (shatkaramas) o
f hatha yoga to improve your overall health
. You will learn how to safely and effectively perform the short intensinal wash (laghoo shankaprakshalana), the stomach wash (kunjal kriya), and nasal wash (jala neti). These are excellent preventative for the cold and flu season. For more information contact Lalita.