A Journey Of Healing Through Spirit
with Kerrilynn Shellhorn
Wednesday August 16th 5:30-7:30pm

Next to the Woodstock Racquet

“Yoga for Life”
Lalitadevi, Little Mango Tree

The incredible physical & emotional benefits of yoga is what attracts most of us to this ancient tradition. You may feel lighter, stronger, more flexible, grounded, energized, rejuvenated and happier. Yoga also helps us to reconnect to our full creative potential and feel more connected to the world around us. Through yoga the possibility opens up for us to learn to see ourselves and others more clearly with a loving and compassionate eye and to celebrate the joy of life in every moment.

It is interesting that in this increasingly fast paced world with so much pressure, stress and demands, yoga is becoming more and more mainstream. Why? Because it is a quick and relatively easy way for us to feel better and return to a state of mental, emotional and physical balance and harmony. We all have a deep desire to feel good and be balanced but we have never learned any simple practical tools to help us in achieving this aim.

At Little Mango Tree the classes build on each other so that you will keep learning more and go deeper into the practices, as well as have a strong theoretical and experiential understanding. We teach our classes in this way to gently guide our students towards a deeper understanding of themselves at all levels.

Another big part of our mission is to organize workshops with outstanding teachers in Yoga and the healing arts. These workshops introduce teachings that are more subtle and difficult to access without the guidance of accomplished adepts. Participation in these more intensive workshops makes it possible for us to further deepen our understanding and connection to spirit.